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An Update? What?

Hey guys!

By this point it has been years and years since TortallMOO was at all active, but I never really forgot it. And recently, I've been thinking about trying again.

It's not a matter of whether the game will be put back online or not; I've already sent the core file off to someone who's said they'll host it for me. But whether or not I'll actually make an effort to find players and update everything is a bit up in the air.

So, for the second time in three years: Is anyone interested in starting up again? Whether or not you'd join, do you have suggestions for a come-back plot or any changes you think would be necessary? Does anyone even read this LJ comm anymore?

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Curious Admin is Curious

Hey guys! Long time no see, eh?

I've recently had some interest from people wanting to know more about my MU*, but I've had to tell them that, sadly, it is kind of dead. Then just now, one of them was poking me about it and pointed out that, um, why don't I just revive it?
So I'm wondering. Why don't I just revive it?
But to do this, I feel like I either need some of you guys back (since a lot of you have some of the core players here), or I'll switch things around so that it's set a little later, or earlier, or maybe I'd just recast some of the positions, or... I haven't given it terribly much thought yet, but the point is I'd like to know: Who's still interested in playing? Even if you can't be on much, or can be on but will have to idle for hours on end, let me know.

Either way, I imagine I'll pull something together soon and start advertising like mad.

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Back Up

We were down a lot longer than I meant us to be, and I got a lot less done than I planned on doing. BUT, Tortall MOO is back up, same port, same host. Look forward to seeing you all again.

And if any of you are interested in taking part but can not for whatever reason use the MOO, please let me know here.

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Admin Announcement

I'm going to be taking the MOO down (well, down to you guys) for a little while, starting tomorrow, for some reorganization/revamping. A more detailed list of what'll be going down is on the MOO for all to read, just type @nn until you get to that message.

Another big thing I'll be doing is deleting old players! Ooo... here's a list of them: Collapse )

If you play one of these and would like them not to be deleted, post below or let me know on the MOO. I'll be deleting them later in the week, so there's still time.

For some of the OOC characters like Tiffan, I'll leave them around but probably take their progbit away - unless they return and want to start building again. But they have sentimental value to me.

And Atreyu! I am looking forward to your return, and have been following your LJ for the internet-status. I would like to touch down with you at some point about Dallin though. Not that anything is wrong, he's just a pretty important character.
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Some News

Since my last post here, there obviously hasn't been any RP going on on livejournal. I don't know why no one else has been doing it, but my excuse is... I don't really like livejournal RP. It's messy, and as soon as it's off my friends list I usually forget about it. There's also the issue that not everyone on the MOO has a livejournal, or has joined this place. So, I made:

It's a message board, and I'm hoping it will come to replace this livejournal. If you can't get on the MOO, you can certainly RP or chat or do whatever you so please there. I am worried that people will forget this exists, since you can't friend it and have things randomly pop up as you check your friends page, but if you all join RIGHT now, and bookmark it, then hopefully it won't be forgotten about.

Also, yes, I know it's pretty ugly right now, and I'm still messing with some things, but hopefully it'll get a little more organized and... well, pretty, in time.

**OR ... I haven't figured out which would be easiest to use yet. I'm thinking this one. If you guys have opinions one way or the other, let me know.
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An Idea I Think?

Hey dudes. So, I know a lot of us have been busy lately. Which is fine, life obviously comes first, etc. It can kind of be hard to keep the MOO moving though, so I've been trying to figure out ways to fix that. Here's what I came up with:

Although there's quite a few of you who haven't been connecting lately, it seems most (if not all) of you are updating your ljs. Would it be easier for you guys if RP happened here? I'd still like to try and keep RP mainly on the MOO, but I'd rather see any RP than none. Especially when it comes to moving this plot forward.

I'm specifically looking for Dallin (sorta), Alex and Maire. If anyone else would like to come out of the woodworks for however long, though, I'd be pretty darn excited. Or even if those characters I mentioned are too busy to come back, can I talk to you guys at some point to figure out where to go with certain things?


le log.

Subject: Party
Characters: Sara Calvain and Kalan Silera
Location: Corus, The Dancing Dove
IC Date: March of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: All these kids ever do is party. Don't they know there's a war going on?

Collapse )

a(NOTHER) log

Subject: The After Party (or at least, something like it)
Characters: Sara Calvain and Kalan Silera
Location: Corus
IC Date: March 3, of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: Sara and Kalan discuss the Shang Swan, and then everyone's favorite healer-boy.

Collapse )


Subject: The War is on Everyone's Minds
Characters: Sara Calvain, Kalan Silera and Lana Elsfeld, the Shang Swan
Location: The Marketplace in Corus, and Lana's Room back at the Palace
IC Date: March 3, of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: There's talking, talking, and then some more talking. It's fairly spectacular.

Collapse )
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The amount of RP lately makes me feel all tingly inside

Subject: Playing Nice
Characters: Lady Heather, Duchess of Conte, and Lady Alexandria, Tortallan Page.
Location: Tortall Royal Palace - Gallery
IC Date: February 26, of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: Lady Heather is taking this war effort seriously, even if it means having to be nice to Lady Alex.

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