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The amount of RP lately makes me feel all tingly inside

Subject: Playing Nice
Characters: Lady Heather, Duchess of Conte, and Lady Alexandria, Tortallan Page.
Location: Tortall Royal Palace - Gallery
IC Date: February 26, of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: Lady Heather is taking this war effort seriously, even if it means having to be nice to Lady Alex.

Alex walked along the length of the room, stopping occasionally in front of a portrait to exam it, bringing to memory the history associated with each person. When she arrived at the end of the wall, she found herself staring at the royal family portrait. She gazed up at it, hands behind her back.

Heather steps into the room with a basket in her hands. She quickly looks around, having been pointed here while looking for one of her aunt's ladies in waiting, and is a little surprised when all she finds is Alex. Staring at a picture in which she is featured, no doubt. "Lady Alexandria," Heather greets, "what are you doing here?" It's difficult to tell from her tone whether or not she thinks this is not a place Alex should be, or she's just curious.

Alex whipped her head around. She blinked and felt her stomach get heavy - terrific, she thought. "Your Grace," Alex bowed her head. "I was just ...looking," she trailed off, glancing at the portrait again before looking back at Heather.

Heather's eyes drift over to the portrait, lingering over Dallin. He was only nine or so when it was painted, but the painter had made him look pretty regal. It was kind of cute, she thought. A lump started to form in her throat when thinking of her cousin, so she took the moment to nod and take a deep breath. Once she felt she was properly composed again, she looks back to Alex. "Tell me, you've learned embroidery and stitching, haven't you?" She couldn't be positive, and doubted the young she-page had been practicing even if she was taught at one point.

Alex looked down at her feet for a moment. At the question though, she looked up eyes looking slightly amused. She took a moment before responding, "I've been taught, yes." She bit the inside of her lip before reluctantly adding, "Not that I 'learned' anything, though."

Heather thinks for a moment, eyes narrowed a little as she looks Alex over. Finally, she explains, "I'm helping to organize a lot of the mending or embroidering or cutting bandages, things like that, for the war effort. Would... you like to learn?" This last question comes out a bit forced, but she still manages to sound sincere.

Alex stared openly at Heather for a moment before catching herself. "Uh." She didn't really know what to say; she wasn't expecting the offer or explanation. She glanced up at the portrait one last time then back at Heather. She took a deep breath. "That, Yes. That... sounds nice," she answered softly.

Heather nods a little awkwardly, definitely not having expected to do this today either. Alex was Dallin's friend though, so maybe it'd be for the best. "Alright. How about I come to your room after dinner?" She is really restraining herself a lot in speaking to the younger girl, since there's been plenty of opportunities to point out just how unladylike she is. She's trying to be helpful though, and just because she's teaching Alex how to sew doesn't mean she can't still -think- those things.

Alex nodded, "Yeah, okay." She was still trying to grasp the entire concept of Heather teaching her something - and the concept of Alex actually -wanting- to learn something from Heather. She was also trying to get over how nice Heather was acting. "After dinner then." She blinked and added, with a small bow, "Thank you, Your Grace."

Heather nods to acknowledge Alex's bow. "I have some errands to run now, but I'll see you then. Good bye, Lady Alexandria." She then turns to leave, off to finish her quest of finding that lady in waiting.
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