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a(NOTHER) log

Subject: The After Party (or at least, something like it)
Characters: Sara Calvain and Kalan Silera
Location: Corus
IC Date: March 3, of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: Sara and Kalan discuss the Shang Swan, and then everyone's favorite healer-boy.

The door to where the party was is still swinging shut when Sara and Kalan start walking home. Sara hadn't seen her chef friend towards the end of the night, but somehow it happened so that now they're leaving together. Sara doesn't say anything at first, instead just humming a popular tune. She even manages to stay in the right key. After a short while, she stops to ask, "So how did you like the party?"

Kalan is in pretty good spirits just now, which is probably because he just left a party ... and he wasn't exactly holding out on the drinking while he was there. "It was absolutely amazing, time of my life!" he tells Sara and he sounds entirely sincere about it, although he may not hold that opinion in the morning. "And what did you think of it?"

Sara chuckles at Kalan's exuberance. "It was pretty fun." It feels a little strange to her to be out having fun when Samwell and Fabio have left so recently, but she supposes that even if Samwell was here he wouldn't be joining in. Too bad, it'd probably be good for him. Catching herself thinking about Samwell, she quickly tries to change the subject. "Did you talk to the shang woman long after I left you earlier? What'd you think of her?"

Fortunately Kalan can't read Sara's thoughts, because he wouldn't approve. Instead he just nods, perhaps a few more times than necessary. "She offered me wine back in her room," he says, a hint of something more in his tone - but rather than giving Sara too long to think about what other than wine might have been going on, he winks at her. "She's a bit peculiar. She said she didn't want to know about the war, but that's all she really asked me about once I got there."

Sara thinks it's weird that Kalan is drinking wine in a private room with a lady much older than him, but she's not one to judge. "She does seem pretty strange. I was a little taken aback when she refered to people as 'street scum'. I know a lot of people, and I wouldn't refer to any of them as scum." Kalan knows the sort of people she associates with too, which isn't prejudiced against thieves and drunkards. Shoot, even Kalan.

"I wonder if she really comes out here to eat all the time." Of course Kalan would be caught up on that - he's a chef, after all. "That would have to get inconvenient." Maybe she was just covering up for some strange hobby of hers or something - but then again, he's not one to judge what other people do in their spare time.

Sara gives Kalan a strange look, since she'd guess that Kalan would count as Lana's definition of scum and it seems peculiar to her that he doesn't care. Then again, she probably wouldn't care if it was her being referred to. If she cared about public opinion, she wouldn't be a Rider. "Yea, I guess that's weird too. What sort of things about the war was she asking?"

Kalan doesn't tend to be overly concerned with what people think of him, as long as they're not trying to persecute him. "Just generic things, mostly. Although," he adds, pausing slightly - both his speech and his walking - and bringing a finger up to tap his lips, "she was asking some pretty strange things about the Prince. Although I suppose it was less that the things she said were strange than that she had some kind of strange vibe while she was saying them."

"Really?" Sara pauses for a moment, thinking. "A shang warrior wouldn't be another spy..." she says quietly. Really, it just wouldn't be the shang way to work as a spy, and it's not as if Lana could fake being a shang. But still, this soon after the fake Prince Maddock, it sounds a little suspicious to her. "What did you tell her?"

"I wouldn't say she was a spy, only perhaps that she was somewhat less sympathetic to his Highness's cause than he might hope for," Kalan replies, looking mildly affronted at Sara's next question. "Nothing that she couldn't have heard from a thousand other people," he replies, a bit shortly.

Sara frowns. She doesn't know as much about spies and thieves as Kalan, so she'll take his word for it, but his replacement explaination isn't much better. "I don't understand how anyone can -not- be sympathetic to King Gregory's cause. Plus, it's not his cause, it's our country's cause, and Galla's cause. If Dallin... if anything happens to Prince Dallin, the next in line to rule is Prince Addison, and he isn't too much younger than the King. After him would be... I don't know. Maybe Lord Bancroft, or if Lady Heather or one of the Princesses have a son. We only have two princes though. Losing one of them is a pretty big deal."

"I'd be willing to bet that the Shang disagrees with you on that count," Kalan states. "She also asked how we know that Dallin's still alive at all." He pauses slightly, and then shrugs. "I don't know enough about Shang. It could be they're all bizarre and I've just never noticed."

"Then what does the shang know," Sara says, a little angrily. "We're talking about the future of our kingdom. The -crown prince-. We need to do everything we can to get him back. Plus, it's not as if King Gregory has started the killing and things yet. He's just getting ready. I'm sure he'll try and talk to the Yamani Emperor first. But whatever the case, sometimes you have to get into a war. It'd be worse if we weren't. Emperor Akinari would do anything to get us in a war with him. Everyone know's he's nuts."

Although Sara's getting angry, Kalan's ... pretty calm. He might gossip about this stuff a lot, and he certainly doesn't think that war is a /light/ subject, but he's not taking it entirely as seriously as a lot of others, either. "She knows that the war will be for the Prince, that King Gregory himself will be heading it, and that there are a lot of people from the Palace missing to take part. Honestly, Sara, what do you think she's going to do?"

"I don't think she's going to -do- anything, but that level of ignorance makes me a little angry. Gregory is a good king, he wouldn't be sending our people off if he had any other options." Obviously 'other people' specifically refers to Samwell. Sara is a little caught up on him.

Kalan considers this briefly - or maybe he just doesn't know what to say. "Well, she'll think what she thinks. She's not harming anything." Except for maybe the pages, but he doesn't have a huge amount of concern for kids anyway. "You're a touch angrier than I expected you to be over it though, I must admit."

Sara pauses for a moment, frowning down at the ground as she walks. "Maybe I'm overreacting a little. It's just, it's the future of our country, that has to be important. And Samwell and Fabio are out there, and the King will be out there, and they wouldn't be if there wasn't a good reason. I just don't understand how some people can think that this is all silli, while people like me would jump at the chance to be there with the soldiers." She says this in a more even tone, but she's still a tad emotional.

There's a veritable gold mine of stuff for Kalan to take from that little speech, and for a moment he's not even sure what to focus on. After a bit he decides to ignore healer-boy and focuses instead on some of the other things she's said. "You'll have other chances. It's not like they sent the Shang out there in your place - maybe she's bitter because she's stuck here, too." Okay, that's unlikely and Kalan knows it, but he says it anyway.

"Maybe." Unlikely or not, Sara decides that would be a valid excuse for the ignorant ideas. "I don't know. It just seems like now is a poor time to decide not to support our country." She's pretty convinced that Tortall is as good as it gets, despite her not having travelled to too many other countries.

"That's just the way some people are," Kalan says, going to throw an arm around her shoulders in some kind of show of comraderie. "Perhaps I just misread her. I'm not entirely sure that she liked me, though I'm not entirely sure if I liked her either."

Sara softens a little when Kalan's arm goes around her. Plus, it's cold. "And perhaps I just miss Samwell and am being oversensitive." She doesn't particularly care what Kalan's views on her friend are, she'll talk about Samwell as much as she pleases.

"That's the third time you've brought up healer-boy in my presence today," Kalan says, shaking his head slightly. "I really don't know what you see in the fellow. He's going to kill your horse." He's not really great at being sensitive, but she should probably know that by now.

"He's not that bad, it just takes awhile to get to know him," Sara defends. She ignores the jibe about him killing her horse, since it very well might be true and she'd rather not think about that. "He was really good to talk to, and we'd have fun together and stuff. Plus, it's -really- fun to flirt with him. Just... because it makes him get really awkward, of course." Oooof course.

Kalan lets his arm slide off her shoulders and turns to peer at her with one eye closed. "Sara Sara Sara. There is nothing -fun- about healer-boy. /You've/ just developed a romantic interest in the lad, haven't you?" He sounds a bit stern about this, although with the shameless way he flirts with whatever pretty court ladies are around, he probably shouldn't.

"No!" Sara insists, crossing her arms when Kalan's arm leaves her shoulders. "He -is- fun once you get to know him. And I do -not- have any romantic interest in him." The amount of times she turned away propositions to dance at the party earlier was just higher because she misses her horse. That's all. Right? "Even if I did, he wouldn't know what to do with me."

Unfortunately, now that Kalan's decided that this is the case, he's going to run with it. "No, he won't," he agrees with her last statement before shaking his head sadly. The way he's acting, they may as well be planning her funeral. "Sara, Sara, Sara," he repeats. "What were you thinking? You could've at least picked Aiden."

Sara instantly wrinkles her nose at the mention of Aiden. "Him? No way. He's old, and has no taste." Not that Samwell does have taste, but she hasn't admitted to having any interest in him. "I wasn't thinking, because I'm -not- interested in him. He's just my friend."

"Your friend who you pine over to the exclusion of rational thought," okay, Kalan's exaggerating, but she does bring Samwell up a whole lot, "who you turn down dances with other men over, who you /gave your horse to/... You're not fooling anyone."

"I do not -pine- over him. I just miss him." At least, Sara has rational thought. "I turned down dances because I didn't feel like dancing, and he needed a good horse and it wasn't as if -I- would be putting Fabio to good use. I wouldn't give Fabio away just because I was smitten with some man." That much was true. She's had other romantic interests, and never gave them so much as a love token.

Kalan isn't buying it, and he just shakes his head. "Come on, Sara, we're both rational adults here." Even if he just told her she wasn't rational, and he's not really much of an adult. "It's much easier if you just admit it, because then you can find someone better and move on." Somehow that makes sense to him.

Sara rolls her eyes. "I am not interested in Samwell in that way, nor have I ever been. I'm far too busy with work anyway." They've made it to the palace gates by now, and once they step through Sara stops and turns to Kalan. "Just you wait. Next time there's a get-together in town, I'll show you just how uninterested in anyone I am." Somehow that's supposed to make sense.

"By refusing to dance with them all again?" Kalan asks, a slight grin turning up the corners of his mouth. As much as he thinks healer-boy would be a complete waste of Sara's time, he is kind of enjoying taunting her. "Healer-boy would be glad to know you waited for him if he had human emotions."

"No, by dancing with... all of them. Or almost all." Sara has some standards, after all. Shaking her head, she turns away to take the path by the gardens to get back to the rider area. "I'll see you tomorrow, Kalan."

Kalan just shakes his head again. "Sweet dreams, Sara. Hope you're not up -all- night thinking of healer-boy." He grins as he speaks and waves slightly in her direction, before also turning to head back to his room.
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