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le log.

Subject: Party
Characters: Sara Calvain and Kalan Silera
Location: Corus, The Dancing Dove
IC Date: March of the Fourteenth Year of King Gregory's Reign
Summary: All these kids ever do is party. Don't they know there's a war going on?

+----[ [Corus] Dancing Dove - Back Room ]------------------------------------+

Sara is sitting at a small table off to one side, trying to remain inconspicuous while nursing a large drink. Just as she'd previously promised Kalan, she's spent her evening off at another get-together at the Dancing Dove's infamouse back room, dancing with almost any man who's asked. Rather than enjoying her time and the attention she's getting, she feels positively dreadful and it's probably apparent on her face. Part of her is trying to convince herself that it's just because she feels bad, having all this fun while her friends, comrades and her own king are off facing what could be their deaths while she's sitting around drinking and dancing, but even when she tries to think about that her thoughts just drift back to Samwell. Normally she'd love this sort of thing, war or not, but it's not the danger her friends are in that has her down; it's that she's figured out she doesn't want to dance with these men because she knows there's someone else she'd rather dance with. Rather than getting the least bit excited about this discovery, she's a little angry and upset with herself and is trying to forget it all with the help of liquor.

Kalan has been out all night too, and he's actually having a pretty grand time, all things considered. He's not the sort to let a war that he isn't involved in get him down - in fact, he's not the sort to let much get him down at all. Either way, when he notices Sara off in a corner by herself he breaks away from the girl he's been dancing with (to be honest, though, he wouldn't have if he'd still felt like dancing with her) and makes his way over to the table. His face is flushed, which could be from alcohol or dancing or both, and he sits down without waiting for an invitation. "Sure looks like /you're/ having a good time," he says, almost believably.

"Oh, riveting," Sara says in a tone that's dripping with sarcasm. "Time of my life." To go with this, she takes a long swig of her drink and sighs as she places it back on the table. Dropping her sarcastic tone, she adds, "Next time I try to prove something by saying I'll dance with almost any guy that comes my way, feel free to slip a sleeping draught into my drink. Or even a mild poison. I'm sure I'd have a better time with that." She's maybe being a little extreme, she realizes, but not too much. Being poisoned would be a little better than the way she feels right now.

"Oh, Sara," Kalan says, laughing in a way that almost completely invalidates his comments, "I'm a chef, I can't /poison/ people." He pauses at that point, though, to peer at her for a second. "Really though, you can't be having that bad of a time." There's booze! And dancing! And booze! "What's going on in your head?"

"Sure you can. It's poisoning with permission!" Sara isn't sure that really changes anything, but she likes to think it does. "I'm apparently quite talented in 'having that bad of a time', Kal, because I am. I'm not interested in dancing with anyone here, and I'm not much of a drinker, and why do I even come to these things?" She knows she she used to come, but it makes a lot less sense right now. Or maybe she's just being moody.

"You tell that to my superiors and see if it keeps /you/ employed," Kalan says with a slight shake of his head. He's not married to his job or anything, but he is comfortable there, and he's not ready to move on yet. "You're not thinking about Healer-boy again, are you?" he asks sternly, when she mentions not wanting to dance with anyone here. He also reaches out to take her drink so he can have some himself - hey, she said she didn't like it. Or something like that anyway.

"Maybe I will," Sara says, joking but not entirely sounding that way. She wouldn't really ever do anything that'd cause a friend of hers to lose their job. Actually, she probably wouldn't do anything that'd make anyone lose their job, unless they were hurting someone. Or a horse. Otherwise though, no. When Kal mentions 'healer-boy' (and steals her drink), she uses the space opened up by her lack-of-drink to hit her forehead against the table, hard, and stays there. "Gnrrr," she replies.

Kalan is halfway through taking a drink when Sara hits her face to the table (well, that's what it looks like anyway) and he just stares at her for a moment over the top of the glass. "Sara dear," he says finally, setting the glass down, "I do believe you need to rethink your priorities. There's a whole room full of interesting people here and you shouldn't be letting Healer-boy ruin it for you when he's not even around." He's taking 'gnrrr' for a 'yes'.

Sara keeps her face against the table as she listens to Kalan, despite it not being the best position for having a discussion. "Interesting... I guess." Just not who she's interested in. Graaar. "The issue here is that I don't care about any of them. I could pretend, but I'm just not in the mood." Normally she wouldn't even have to pretend, she's a pretty friendly person, but it's hard when she can't really focus.

Kalan quirks a brow at that. "You're sounding incredibly incriminating just now. You ought to just tell me what's going on... you'll feel better." He's not really sure if that's the case, but he does want to know what's going on with her and 'to satisfy my curiosity' doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

"What's going on is that after spending an evening dancing with lots of men, most of which would normally be interesting or something, I've discovered that I'd rather be dancing with Samwell." Sara lifts her head up just enough to let it fall back into the table with a loud thunking noise. "This is ridiculous. I bet he doesn't even know how to dance." Not that that's what makes it ridiculous, but it's just one of those things.

Coughing to hide a slight snicker, Kalan doesn't respond immediately - he can't, really, because he's trying not to laugh. Instead he forces down another drink (and doesn't choke on it) and then just nods as sympathetically as he can. Not that Sara's likely to see it, considering she's still being intimate with the table. "He absolutely doesn't know how to dance, and I bet he wouldn't be willing to even try it. However," he adds, brightly, "now that you've admitted it you're one step closer to getting over it." That's something, right?

Sara finally looks up, eyeing Kalan curious. She expected a lot more teasing on his part, it's a little surprised that he hasn't turned over the table or thrown her own drink in her face. "I suppose you have a point," she says skeptically. In truth she isn't sure she wants to get over it. Obviously it was stupid, and Samwell is probably the most romantically inept man she's ever met, but... still. She isn't usually the sort to write off an idea before she's even tried to figure out where she can go with it.

"Of course I have a point. You'd be doing much better if you'd listened to me in the beginning, then tonight instead of brooding in a corner by yourself you'd have forgotten about Healer-boy altogether and you'd be off dancing with some fascinating and talented individual." Kalan emphasizes this with a gesture towards the room at large. "But I would imagine the evening is still salvageable," he adds.

Sara doesn't really believe Kalan. Even if she had listened to Kalan in the first place, Samwell would still be her friend and he's still be off at war with her beloved horse. There's no way Kalan could insult Fabio and get away with it. She doesn't bother arguing with him though, figuring it'd be fruitless even if she tried. "Tell me then, how can I salvage it?" she asks instead, figuring that maybe if she does whatever he suggests she'll at least have him off her back. She's assuming that she won't hear the end of her latest confession otherwise.

She probably won't hear the end of it anyway. Kalan doesn't have a really great suggestion, though - he's just assuming that since she's told him about the whole Samwell-thing now she'll be fine to go dance with other people. "By actually going and enjoying yourself instead of sitting back here and moping," he says, as if this is very obvious. "And thinking of how probably everyone in this room is a better dancer than Healer-boy who would probably just step on your feet a lot."

Sara listens to Kalan until she thinks he's done talking, then pauses for a moment as if to consider what he's said. As soon as that moment is over, she snatches her drink back and takes a long drink from it before resuming her position with her face planted firmly against the table. Shows what she thinks of Kalan's idea...

That's nice. Kalan frowns at her slightly and then shakes his head. "Sara, Sara, Sara. Listen to me. The boy's not worth your energy and even if he was, he's not even here right now. You're really killing the mood." Okay, maybe not - most people don't seem to be too distraught because Sara isn't out having a good time.

Sara sighs against the table, which probably isn't entirely sanitary but she doesn't care. "Fine," she finally says, sliding her drink back to Kalan and pushing herself up. "I'll go, if it'll get you off my back. But I doubt I'll have a good time."

"Don't sound so happy about it," Kalan says, taking the glass just in case she decides to change her mind or something. "You might make us forget you're pining for someone." And that, naturally, would be terrible.

Sara sticks her tongue out at Kalan - the epitome of maturity, she knows - before turning around and stalking off to find someone to pretend to want to talk to. Hopefully before too long Kalan will forget about her and she can slip out unnoticed or something.
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