Leanna (nilli) wrote in tortallmoo,

Some News

Since my last post here, there obviously hasn't been any RP going on on livejournal. I don't know why no one else has been doing it, but my excuse is... I don't really like livejournal RP. It's messy, and as soon as it's off my friends list I usually forget about it. There's also the issue that not everyone on the MOO has a livejournal, or has joined this place. So, I made:


It's a message board, and I'm hoping it will come to replace this livejournal. If you can't get on the MOO, you can certainly RP or chat or do whatever you so please there. I am worried that people will forget this exists, since you can't friend it and have things randomly pop up as you check your friends page, but if you all join RIGHT now, and bookmark it, then hopefully it won't be forgotten about.

Also, yes, I know it's pretty ugly right now, and I'm still messing with some things, but hopefully it'll get a little more organized and... well, pretty, in time.

**OR http://www.czaralex.com/tortall/news.php ... I haven't figured out which would be easiest to use yet. I'm thinking this one. If you guys have opinions one way or the other, let me know.
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