Leanna (nilli) wrote in tortallmoo,

Curious Admin is Curious

Hey guys! Long time no see, eh?

I've recently had some interest from people wanting to know more about my MU*, but I've had to tell them that, sadly, it is kind of dead. Then just now, one of them was poking me about it and pointed out that, um, why don't I just revive it?
So I'm wondering. Why don't I just revive it?
But to do this, I feel like I either need some of you guys back (since a lot of you have some of the core players here), or I'll switch things around so that it's set a little later, or earlier, or maybe I'd just recast some of the positions, or... I haven't given it terribly much thought yet, but the point is I'd like to know: Who's still interested in playing? Even if you can't be on much, or can be on but will have to idle for hours on end, let me know.

Either way, I imagine I'll pull something together soon and start advertising like mad.

Tags: admin note
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